Get Back in the Swing of Things with Aerial Classes at Soul Sweat Hot Yoga

Summer is here and life is picking back up, which means we can attend our favorite workout classes! Whether you are just starting your yoga practice or looking for an alternative to hot yoga workouts, aerial classes are a great choice. Aerial yoga is a healthy and fun way to get your body moving this summer at Soul Sweat Hot Yoga Southlake:

Fall in Love With Your Summer Yoga Workout Routine 

As the days get hotter, many of us are wondering how to better incorporate movement and exercise into our routine. Aerial yoga workouts at Soul Sweat Yoga Southlake is not only a great alternative to Soul Sweat Sequences, but it is a great class to incorporate into your yoga schedule as it improves mat practice. 

Discover Aerial Classes at Soul Sweat Hot Yoga 

There are a variety of yoga classes offered at Soul Sweat Yoga Southlake, including our fan favorite, Aerial Silk Yoga. This yoga workout is taught in our Moon room, a heated yoga studio. This class consists of basic yoga asanas and the use of silk hammocks. Aerial classes are a great workout to incorporate into your workout schedule this summer! 

Live a Healthy Life by Attending Aerial Silk Yoga Classes

There are many benefits that yoga provides, but aerial classes take these benefits to a whole new level. Aerial silk yoga offers many health benefits, such as improved posture and alignment. This yoga workout is a great ab workout- perfect for helping you attain that summer body you have been working on! Most of all, you will have so much fun in our heated yoga studio! 

Spice up your yoga routine by adding our Aerial Yoga class to your schedule! It is a great way to escape the heat, but continue your yoga practice in a new fun way! Check out our yoga class schedule today!