Find the Perfect Yoga Classes that Engage Your Body and Mind

Interested in joining a yoga studio but not sure what type of yoga is best for you? At Soul Sweat Hot Yoga Southlake, we offer a unique mixture of heated and non-heated yoga classes. From restorative yoga, aerial yoga, yoga classes for kids, strength-classes, and more, you’ll be able to find a class that fits your specific needs. Our instructors offer a wide range of expertise in multiple practices of yoga making our studio a good fit for beginners and seasoned yogis alike. Here is more information about or class offerings at Soul Sweat Hot Yoga: 

Southlake Yoga Classes

Hot Yoga Engages Your Mind and Body

If you’ve participated in one of our hot yoga classes you know there is no greater feeling than completing a session. You are able to perform energizing yoga poses in a hot yoga class setting with the support of our community and instructors alike. We combine multiple disciplines to create truly restorative yoga classes for individuals at all levels. Wondering what to expect with your first class? Check out our blog on tips of what to expect at your first hot yoga class

Southlake Yoga Classes

Aerial Yoga Lets Your Practice Soar to New Heights

Looking for unique yoga classes? Look no further than joining our aerial yoga class. Not only does aerial yoga activate your core, improve your mat practice and help build strength, it’s also a lot of fun. Our newest class offering is sure to help you discover the joy of yoga while challenging you to push your practice to the next level. Our class is an excellent aerial yoga for beginners course with our instructors ready to coach you every step of the way.

Lil Souls is Yoga for the Young Yogi’s in Your Life

Soul Sweat Hot Yoga offers Lil Souls, yoga for kids. This class provides a space where kids can explore yoga, practice concentration and have fun. Yoga is a great tactic of relaxation for kids. Help your child learn new ways to relax with this interesting way to stay active. Our Lil Souls class is a favorite of kids and parents alike! Kids doing yoga? What Could be better than that!

No matter what kind of yoga classes you are looking for, Soul Sweat Hot Yoga covers all your bases. Engage your mind body and spirit by joining us today. Interested in staying up-to-date with Soul Sweat Hot Yoga Southlake? Follow us on Instagram!