Squirt Crayton

Meet Squirt, a vibrant and resilient individual whose journey into the world of yoga began in 2002. Initially introduced to the practice as a part of her college cheerleading training regimen, Squirt found solace and strength on the yoga mat. Over the years, her body faced its share of challenges and injuries, leading her to search for an activity that not only kept her active but also nurtured her physical well-being. Fueled by a desire for a more educated, sustainable and healing practice, Squirt delved deeper into the teachings of yoga. She discovered a profound connection between breath, movement, and mindfulness during her 200-hour RYT training .

Outside of the serene confines of her yoga mat, Squirt leads a dynamic and fulfilling personal and professional life. As a high school art teacher, she channels her creativity into nurturing the imaginative minds of young students. Simultaneously, Squirt coaches the cheerleading team, sharing her passion for athleticism, teamwork, and spirit. Her commitment extends beyond the confines of the school grounds, as she accompanies her students on international adventures, fostering cultural exchange and broadening their horizons.

Beyond her professional pursuits, Squirt shares her adventures with a supportive husband. Together, they embark on journeys that take them to breathtaking landscapes and vibrant cultures. A particular affinity for water draws them to coastal retreats and serene rivers. Juggling the roles of educator, coach, and travel companion, Squirt exemplifies a holistic approach to life. Whether guiding a downward dog or inspiring students to reach new heights, Squirt brings her unwavering dedication and zest for life into every facet of her journey.