LeDrea Smith

LeDrea’s first hot yoga experience started in November of 2021 in the SSS60 with Jordan Hill, and the moment tears and sweat rolled down her face, she knew she was in the right place at the right time. This was her first time doing hot yog and the experience was so captivating and refreshing that she needed more. She took yoga classes to decompress from her stressful career and yoga helped her find stillness at the end of the day.

After taking only 3 SSHY classes, LeDrea signed up for Melinda’s 200 YTT. LeDrea aspires to teach yoga to her community and continues to use her knowledge on and off the mat.

LeDrea is from Indiana and moved to Texas for her career. In her spare time, she finds joy in practicing yoga, exploring spicy, exotic foods, attending concerts, and being with loved ones.

LeDrea works as a Lead Epic Analyst for a healthcare organization during the day and enjoys doing her clients’ hair and working the front desk at SSHY on the weekends. She enjoys checking in with fellow yogis to ensure they have a great experience. LeDrea appreciates the SSHY community, leading her to beautiful connections and relationships.


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