Lauren Lawrence

Lauren is a former gymnast, cheerleader, and country/ballroom dancer who dabbled in yoga periodically throughout her time at TCU. But it wasn’t until some new co-workers at the Tarrant County District Attorney’s Office convinced her to try Soul Sweat that her real yoga journey began. An occasional Monday night Hot Power Flow with the misdemeanor division quickly became a standard once a week workout, and it didn’t take long until she was at the studio three to four times a week. She found a love for the physical aspects of the practice, which reminded her of both dance and gymnastics, as well as the mental stillness and clarity that only an hour on her mat focusing on nothing but her breath could bring after a hectic workday.

After talking about it for a couple years, Lauren finally decided to do teacher training, all thanks to, in no small part to her best friend and fellow Soul Sweat teacher, Lauren Kiser. The decision could not have come at a better time. Diving deeper into the practice helped her find more fulfillment in life both on and off her mat and has given her the opportunity to share her passion for yoga with others.

Lauren loves the atmosphere of a full class with high heat and a playlist that makes you want to dance in down dog. Getting to share movement connected to song and emotion is one of the most fulfilling parts of teaching for her. She believes that time on your mat is a gift you give yourself and getting to practice alongside those she teaches. When she’s not on her mat, Lauren enjoys relaxing at home with her husband and fur babies, listening to podcasts, or enjoying a glass of wine with friends (especially during patio weather).