Hannah Hall

Hannah’s entry point to yoga started in college at the hospital gym but it never stuck. Her love for the art of yoga arose when her friend introduced her to Soul Sweat in 2016. She did the $49 New Yogi Special and was hooked. Unfortunately, she had to take a break from the literal heat of hot yoga from complications during her two consecutive pregnancies. Yoga, once again, found her as a result of compassion, fatigue, and injury management during the pandemic. Working in healthcare for over 10 years left her longing to find an alternative method of treatment for not only her own physical pain but also the suffering caused by an abusive childhood. After trying a multitude of studios in DFW, Hannah found her groove again at Soul Sweat. She anticipated increased flexibility but found the greatest benefit was the community. Amongst a world full of uncertainty and chaos, Hannah found safety and stability on her mat. The more classes she attended, the more knowledge she craved and the better her body and mind felt. Hannah completed both aerial, 200hr, and 300hr teacher training under her yoga guru, Melinda Nag. Hannah is now a 500hr RYT.

Hannah is always on the go — She is the Facility Administrator of US Renal Care while also working as a procedural nurse at Harris Hospital. If not at work or the studio, you can find her at the park, on a walk with her two beautiful children, or hanging out with her siblings. She enjoys high endurance activities such as climbing, jumping, inverting, and is a firm believer she was an acrobatic in her past life. She holds certification in pain management, dialysis nursing, prenatal yoga, aerial yoga, and will soon be certified in advance yoga instructing.

In her classes you can expect an energetic, welcoming atmosphere filled with loud music, sweat and playfulness. Her class focuses on dynamic movements, building core strength and is inclusive to all yogis whither beginners, masters or anything in between. She is sure to keep you on your toes with her creativity. She is known at Soul Sweat for her themed music, creativity and strength focus practices.