Arielle Seleske

Arielle’s yoga journey started with a dare… a dare to herself to get healthy. In the last 10 years it has turned into much more… a passion, a family, and a safe space. Within the walls of Soul Sweat, Arielle has found herself as well as her people. It is truly her happy place. This is the reason she gets up in the wee hours of the morning several days a week to guide her fellow yogis!  She loves to tell herself and her students “you made it to your mat today; you’re amazing!”

Her first step into teaching started with Soul Sweat Hot yoga teacher training and it was a life changing experience. She made friends and memories that will last forever. When she is not at the studio, you can find her in her back yard hanging with her hubby, daughter and their menagerie of animals or watching her daughter at a barrel race.

Arielle’s goal when teaching a class is to provide a safe space for whatever you need at that moment. Her desire is for students to be comfortable, have fun and maybe dance a little to her eclectic mix of music! She looks forward to seeing you on your mat soon.