Chaz Garza

Chaz stumbled upon Soul Sweat while it was still Sumits Hot Yoga in Colleyville in 2018 via a Groupon gift from her friend; having just lost her father, Chaz needed an outlet to heal. Chaz does not have an athletic or yoga background, so this was new territory, but she was ready to find her groove. As time went on, Chz fell in love with all the different classes Soul Sweat had to offer, and all the diversity that came with your own yoga practice. Not only did Chaz fall in love with her practice, but the community itself. She was so thankful for the support and love that came with Soul Sweat, it’s instructors and her fellow yogis.

When Chaz isn’t sweating on her mat, or slinging drinks as a bartender making connections with people, she is planning trips for herself and her sweet dog, Bandit. They both love car rides, getting lost in beautiful sceneries and of course trying new foods and restaurants. Chaz loves to explore and hopes to continue finding what the world has to offer.  

Chaz is currently in school for nutrition and hopes to infuse it with her 200 RYT certification to further her personal and professional goals. She plans on taking the steps forward and continuing her growth by doing the 500 RYT at Soul Sweat next fall and eventually pushing for an 800 RYT for yoga therapy. She hopes to incorporate her degree in yoga by helping guide those with depression, anorexia, anxiety, etc.. Into an overall positive body movements for both internal and external purposes. Chaz currently works the front desk and teaches the sequence. Whether you are just starting out or have been continuous with your practice, she makes it her goal to include everybody with various types of workouts and high-energy music that will get everyone moving.