Stephanie Devlin

Stephanie was initially introduced to yoga by her mom, and finally agreed to try it consistently when she saw a banner advertising a New Student 2-week Special in 2012 at Sumits Hot Yoga. Stephanie vividly remembers her very first hot yoga class, and how halfway through class she doubted her ability to stay in the hot room for the full duration — then one of her favorite songs came on and gave her just the right amount of motivation to finish. Stephanie fell in love with the challenge of the heat, the security of a set yoga sequence, and the stimulation and power of music. She discovered that with consistent practice, yoga not only offered physical benefits such as flexibility and strength but also a deeper understanding of staying present in the moment. She realized there was a parallel in navigating elements of a hot yoga room on her mat with managing life off her mat. Shortly after having twin girls and being away from yoga for a few months, Stephanie saw a posting about Sumits first 200-hour yoga teacher training. Though it seemed untimely with 3-month-old twin girls, she knew this training would be life-changing. Stephanie completed Sumits Hot Yoga YTT in 2014. Teacher training deepened her understanding of yoga, though the true gift were the life-long friendships she made during that time.

Off the mat and away from the hot yoga room — Stephanie works in public education, specifically in counseling. The 3-month-old twin girls are now 7-years old. Stephanie’s daughters are her most influential teachers — specifically about patience, the capacity to love, and the ability to forgive. She loves sharing yoga and this amazing Soul Sweat community with them. Stephanie is a lifelong learner as she demonstrates through completing graduate degrees, her love for reading and listening to podcasts, and researching and discovering new music to share with her students.  In addition to teaching, Stephanie also trains new teachers on the hot soul sweat sequence.

Stephanie’s classes always include thoughtfully designed playlists. As an instructor she honors each yogi’s journey by holding space for students, while embracing the power of connection through community. To all new students, Stephanie shares that we have all been there before and to enjoy the magic of new beginnings – it only happens once. Teaching has been an amazing opportunity to share with students what has been so healing for her through life transitions – she always comes back to one of her favorite quotes by Daniell Koepke that can apply to a yoga class, yoga pose, and life situations – “…keep breathing, again and again. This will pass. I promise it will pass.”