Southlake Studio


Our Southlake studio is near Southlake Town Square: 1431 E Southlake Blvd. #519 Southlake, TX 76092

Heat in both the Sun & Moon room. Heat included in the Sun room is infrared heat. Men's & Women's locker rooms, equipped with lockers & lock space (bring own lock if desired). Multiple showers for use in each locker room. Basic toiletries provided, as well. Shower towels available upon request. Rentals for both mats & towels available. Drinks available for purchase in the lobby area. Easy, accessible parking available. Large retail space with various beloved brands re-stocked every week. All class supplies desired/needed (i.e. blocks, towels, straps) are provided through our staff.



Our Foundation

“We wanted to bring the heat and sense of community to somewhere fresh and new,” the Nags said. “Expanding our community is something we have always been passionate about.” As a studio, Soul Sweat Hot Yoga continues to host classes that are based on the teachings of Sumits Hot Yoga. This yoga sequence (Soul Sweat Sequence or SSS) was created by Sumits Banjeree and is based on his own years of experience practicing/teaching various yoga styles. Many of our students find benefits in this sequence, ranging from a stronger, more toned and flexible body, and an improved state of mind that encourages relaxation, self-acceptance and more awards. As a Soul Sweat community, we are filled with individuals who welcome everyone. From experiences students to new-comers, our studio has kept its doors open because of the acceptance and assistance we offer each SSHY client. “Set Your Soul on Fire” (’16-’18) & “Fuel Your Fire & Find Your Soul” (’18-now)