Rachael Danger

Rachael Danger Parker (yes, that is her name) began teaching yoga because she wants to give the chance to others to change their lives in a positive way.  Change starts from the inside out, and Rachael Danger strives to provide a fun, safe, environment in her classes at Soul Sweat for people to quiet their minds.

Rachael Danger is a 500-hour yoga teacher who loves to teach “The Sequence” classes with fun playlists and a loud voice. She respects her students and expects them to respect each other and the studio rules/space. She loves animals, spending time with friends, and all things Backstreet Boys.

Teaching yoga is an honor Rachael Danger does not take lightly!  Her classes welcome everyone, no matter the stage of their yoga journey and are known for being HOT with fun tunes! Rachael Danger is excited to see what you do with the gift you give to yourself each time you show up on your mat.