Katie Coleman

Passionate about health and wellness, Katie instantly fell in love with yoga as a way to help heal and restore her body from 20 years as a gymnast. She realized that it not only made her feel better on a physical level while doing things she wouldn’t imagine she could do on her mat, but on a spiritual and mental level off the mat.

Katie and her husband Kenyon partnered with Melinda and Jason Nag and opened the Soul Sweat Hot Yoga Southlake yoga studio. Katie loves sharing this hobby with her husband. Challenging one another to grow in their practice is just one way Katie and her husband enjoy yoga together. Although she juggles extremely busy schedules raising her four children and managing her business, RE:defined Coffee House, she felt the opportunity and natural pull to gain her 200hr certification.

Katie is excited to share what she has learned throughout this venture with everyone around her. This huge step of faith is only possible with the support of her husband, sister, and friends. The hours of dedication it requires to officially become a yoga instructor were made possible by her strong community.

Katie’s passion in life is helping and serving others. Yoga is a place where she can help others became more proficient in their practice. This, ultimately, has become one of her greatest passions.