Sami Plummer

Sami found her way into her very first hot yoga class in January 2003 after being invited by her chiropractor and close friend. Reluctantly, she agreed to this idea that sounded like torture! Overweight and out of shape, she saw the tremendous benefits and potential for her body and overall health after just one incredibly intense class. Over the next 12 months she dropped an astonishing 40 pounds and gained strength and energy which has led her on a passionate lifelong journey of health and wellness.

Fast forward to February 2004. Sami’s love of yoga changed from physical to mental when she became her husband’s caretaker after he was the victim of a violent crime. Being in the hot room was no longer about getting in shape and gaining health. For Sami, yoga then became a place for her to care for herself, in the midst of recovering from a life changing traumatic event. The benefits she gained in hot yoga, combined with the loving support of a yoga community that treated her like family through this season set her on a trajectory towards becoming a teacher.

In 2005, Sami was certified in Bikram Yoga and trained by Bikram Choudhury at his studio in Los Angeles. Additionally, she attended the Sumits Hot Yoga teacher training in 2017. As a teacher, she will compassionately encourage you to “be here now” leaving all the worries, stresses, and concerns of life outside the room to “meet your body where you are”.