Crystal Cawdrey

Crystal first dipped into the yoga community by attending themed classes such as glow yoga and goat yoga just for fun. Her best friend talked her into taking her first hot class in 2018. Her first class was incredibly challenging and scary. She did not know most of the poses and slipped all over her mat. Her best friend invited her to another hot yoga class and she decided she was going to go for it. “Do things that scare you” is a rule Crystal has learned to live by. She had an idea of what she was enduring by stepping back on her mat and came prepared to her second class. She surrendered to the heat and let her noisy thoughts melt away as she focused on what was right in front of her in that present moment. Hot yoga not only challenged Crystal physically but mentally and spiritually as well. She left her second class with that euphoric yoga high and was instantly hooked.

Crystal eventually found her yoga home as Soul Sweat in the fall of 2018 and signed up for teacher training that following year. She received her 200hr RYT under Melinda Nag through Soul Sweat Hot Yoga in Fort Worth. Crystal began her teaching journey by subbing the Lil Soul’s kids class at Soul Sweat. Her kid’s classes always start with a gentle meditation and breath work. She loves to incorporate fun and creativity in her classes and you can usually find her students using parachutes, balloons and even inflatable goats for our kid’s yoga practice. Every class she likes to have all the students assist her in a sound bath using sound bowls, chimes and tongue drums. Crystal’s kids’ classes are always filled with laughter and light.

She was later approach to take on the Soul Strength weighted yoga class at Soul Sweat and being an experience gym junkie and yogi, this was a perfect mash up of her two favorite outlets. Crystal’s Soul Strength classes are creative and sweaty. She is always on the search for the newest workouts and variations to keep her students on their toes or heels. She also teaches the Soul Sweat Sequence and occasionally the VinYin. Crystal’s classes are high, happy energy, and her playlists hop from all genres and decades. Her favorite genres are indie pop, reggae, EDM and good ol’ oldies. Crystal enters every class with and open heart and an open mind and strives to give her students that same euphoric pride she found in hot yoga.

Outside of the studio you can find Crystal spending most of her time with her sweet son, Zaden and their two pups, Mr. B and Arlo. She loves to travel, discovering new beautiful parts of our planet. Mountains or beaches she loves all destinations. Fresh air feeds her soul and her “do scary things” mindset has given her the privilege to try some incredible adventurous activities. Parasailing, skateboarding, snorkeling, hiking, outdoor yoga, camping, kayaking, hugging trees; she enjoys all things outdoors. Crystal is also very much a foodie. If she is not teaching or taking a yoga class, you can probably find her eating. She loves to cook, try all cuisines and any old or new restaurants. Our Wabi House neighbors have become a regular for her and she swears by their beets and brussels. Food and yoga are such beautiful ways to connect with our community and she so grateful to be able to participate in both. Crystal does wish to further her yoga education by earning her 500hr in the near future.