Carol Lee Dewar

Carol Lee Dewar found her passion for yoga at just 17 as a senior in high school. After being hired as a front desk associate at SSHY, she took her first class with instructor Jennifer. Hot yoga instantly became her first love, the largest part of her day-to-day life, and favorite hobby. She recalls “finding yoga changed my mindset on life and exercise. Sweating was no longer a punishment to my body.” Just a month after her first class, Carol Lee dove into the opportunity to become a 200- hour RYT.

Born and raised in the heart of Cowtown, Carol Lee is a Fort Worth native. When she’s not at the studio, you can find Carol Lee walking her golden retriever, Cisco Biscuit, along the trinity trails, trying new restaurants, on the hunt for new music, and spreading her infectious bubbly personality. She is going into her freshman year at the University of Colorado Boulder, where she has plans to continue her practice and teaching. She says, however, she will “always love and cherish her SSHY Tribe, and the studio where it all began.”  You can find her at Soul Sweat during summers and college breaks!