Brandon Hunt

Brandon had previously taken yoga classes at the YMCA in downtown Fort Worth and enjoyed them, but to him it felt like more of a meditation, not really a workout. Having suffered from severe exercise-induced-asthma since forever, that had precluded Brandon from virtually all cardio for the first twenty plus years of his life. His go-to forms of exercise were weightlifting, and swimming (while relying on his rescue asthma inhaler).

Brandon is a native of Fort Worth, and a graduate of TCU. While in college, studying in a summer program at the University of Moscow in Russia, Brandon was turned onto a novel alternative asthma remedy called the Buteyko Breathing Technique. This turned out to be life changing. After roughly one year of practicing BBT, Brandon was able to come off all asthma meds, meds he had been relying on since toddlerhood just to breathe.  Once Brandon was able to exercise without triggering an asthma attack, he began his long search for a sport or exercise that was in line with the teachings of BBT, primarily nasal breathing. “You’d be surprised how many activities encourage or require mouth breathing, which is a major no no for me.”

Brandon’s first exposure to hot yoga was in 2011 when he saw an advertisement for teacher training.  It was very appealing to him as it came during a rocky time with his soon to be ex-wife.  “In that moment, if I could have only snapped my fingers and joined those people, in that hot room, sweating…, they had this beautifully intense look in their eyes. I was drawn to it, instantly intrigued.” Brandon had enjoyed the therapeutic benefits of sauna since being introduced to the Russian banya in college, and even owned a small two-person sauna himself. Brandon soon discovered, to his delight, that this form of “hot” yoga was not only done in a hot room, but strongly emphasized nasal breathing. He had to try it!

Brandon attended his first hot yoga class in late 2011. The class in downtown Grapevine, TX was by far the most challenging workout he’d ever done. He was the only guy in the hot room and was awed and inspired by how seemingly effortlessly and gracefully the other students, some twice his age, were able to flow through the class, while he was on his mat dying throughout much of it and fighting the urge to leave the room with every fiber of his being. “It was hot! It was hard!” But Brandon loved the energy in the room. The way he felt after. He went back the next day and has had a regular hot yoga practice virtually ever since.

Brandon began to feel the positive physical and mental effects of a regular practice right away. “Everything, by degrees, just became easier. And it just felt really, really right to be there. After being in a toxic relationship for years, there was a lot of stuff I needed to unburden myself of, and nowhere felt as safe and as good as the hot room.” With regular practice Brandon soon learned the sequence and was able to flow without looking around, and that was when he discovered the beauty of moving meditation. “It brought me back to myself”. And major life changes soon followed. Brandon quit his lucrative desk job with a local defense contractor and moved to Summerlin, Nevada for a much needed change of scenery, and for the next eighteen months did as much hot yoga as possible, sometimes two classes per day. “I don’t know what I would have done without the sequence, in many ways I think it saved me”. Brandon says that to this day if he doesn’t practice the SS60 at least three times per week he just “doesn’t feel right”. Regular practice keeps him physically & mentally in a good place. “This practice is hugely beneficial”.

Brandon, received his 200-hour certification with Sumits Hot Yoga creator, Sumit Banjeree, and plans on completing his 500 RYT at the earliest opportunity. Brandon is also a certified Buteyko Instructor, earning certification in Scottsdale, Arizona from world renowned Butekyo instructor and best-selling author Patrick McKeown. Brandon considers his study of yoga and breathwork a life-long pursuit. His classes are known to be encouraging, consistent, and positive. Brandon currently teaches the SS60 sequence at the FW and SL studios and also subs the occasional Yin class. Brandon looks forward to branching out and teaching more forms of yoga, specifically Yoga Nidra.

Brandon reminds his students often that yoga is not a competition, and does his best to provide a safe, welcoming space, especially for the new students. Brandon expects his students to leave their keys, shoes, cellphone, judgement, ego, and everyday worries at the door before they enter the hot room, and to simply do their best with the body they come in with on that particular day (as everyday is different), and to most importantly, be kind to themselves and just flow.