Ashley Torres

Ashley’s yoga journey began immediately after her first class. She likes to say, she fell heels over head in love! Prior to discovering her love of yoga, Ashley enjoyed long distance running. She shares, “When my heart was heavy, my feet were light.” Running used to be her way of self-healing, but today, she finds more benefit and joy in practicing yoga.

Combined with heat and humidity, Ashley’s happy place lies within the walls of Soul Sweat Hot Yoga. You can expect Ashley’s classes to find you challenging yourself both on and off the mat. She loves ending her classes with a “nugget of wisdom” to take off the mat and into our daily lives, where she believes the true practice of yoga takes place.

Outside the studio, Ashley is a busy mother and sales manager in the dental field. She loves intentional time with her boys and helping people get the smile they want and deserve. She also enjoys taking care of her gardening endeavors while raising 2 bossy urban chickens. She is passionate about spending her time with family and friends, a hot cup of coffee, spicy ranch waters, empowering music, and most of all— being a yoga student and teacher.