How to Relax and Unwind after a Long Summer Weekend with Yin + Restore

Have you been feeling stressed out this summer and need a reset? We have the perfect solution- our Yin + Restore class. Sometimes this quieter and slower yoga class is just what the body needs. This class is a great way to melt away the stress and improve your mental and physical health. Relax your mind and body  this summer at Soul Sweat Hot Yoga:

Discover Yin + Restore

Sometimes you need a break from the heated yoga studio and hot yoga workouts and want a slower-paced class to focus on your mind and soul. Our Yin + Restore class teaches you all things relaxation, meditation, and sensation. This is a great summer activity to add variety to your yoga schedule and a new exciting class to focus on what your soul needs!

Relax and Unwind With Our Yin + Restore Class

Yin + Restore is the perfect way to relax and unwind.  This class is different from our typical hot yoga workouts but is just as beneficial and enjoyable. Yin + Restore allows you to focus on your inner peace  to beat the stress and anxiety life can sometimes throw at us. After each class, you will feel refreshed, renewed, and ready to take on the day!

Enjoy Improved Mental and Physical Health

Yin + Restore allows you to become deeply connected to and aware of your body all while cultivating stillness, healing, and motivation. Yin yoga targets connective tissue such as ligaments and joints, while restorative yoga can increase joint health and flexibility. Yin + Restore yoga also calms the mind and nervous system, so your mental health will truly benefit!

Upgrade your yoga routine by adding our Yin + Restore class to your schedule! It is a great way to become connected to and relax your mind and soul. Check out our yoga class schedule today!